Milestone Pictures


The best way to remember and preserve the important milestones of life is through a well-made movie. Milestone Pictures was founded by brothers-in-law Nathan Hinckley and Todd McCormick with precisely that intent. Since then, Spencer Hinckley and Dan Westover (also related) have joined the team.

Nathan lives in Speedwell, TN with his wife and 4 beautiful kids. When he's not behind the lens, you'll find Nathan doing anything and everything outdoors - including almost killing off his favorite brother-in-law (Todd) during a kayaking expedition.

Todd and his amazing wife Lindsay are expecting their third child. He also dabbles in real estate, song writing, and would eat cold cereal for every meal if Lindsay would let him.

Spencer and his beautiful wife, Courtney were married in May 2011. They are currently living in Nashville, TN. He enjoys listening to and playing music with his brothers and does most of the video editing for the company.

Dan has lived in seven states, Eastern Europe and Great Britain. He has backpacked across Europe and studied abroad, spending 3 years living in a coal-heated cottage on the island of Anglesey in Wales. He is also an award-winning poet whose goal is to bring a little poetry to every film he makes. He has (finally) settled in Johnson City, TN, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.